Mytilus Galicia,
founded in 2017

Mytilus Galicia was born from the vocation for shellfish and fishing of its founder, Sergio Romero. We are dedicated to the import and export of seafood and fish, focusing our main activity on the distribution of mussels. The company is based in the coastal municipality of Vilanova de Arousa, so we have a privileged situation since the Ría de Arousa is the largest in Galicia and has a great marine wealth.

We want to offer you the best of our coasts, that is why our team is in charge of preselecting for you the best products of our estuaries. You only have to worry about enjoying them in the place you want.

Mytilius Galicia is led by Sergio Romero, who has a long and extensive experience, mainly in the seafood sector, to which he has dedicated more than 10 years working as a controller in the Mussel Regulatory Council. The human team that makes up the company is young and dynamic that provides innovative solutions to improve the sector.

We have clients both in the national and international markets. We ship products to closer neighboring countries, such as France and Italy, with which we have been working since our beginnings, to other more distant countries such as Belgium, Germany or Switzerland, with which we already have commercial relations. To carry out this export to any corner of the continent we have the necessary logistics, guaranteeing its freshness and its optimal state of conservation


Mytilus Galicia, is dedicated to the import and export of shellfish and fish, focusing its main activity on the distribution of mussels.
The company is made up of a young and dynamic team eager to provide innovative solutions within this sector.

At present, Mytilus Galicia has a presence both at a national and European level, with France and Italy being its main marketers and they are also in full expansion in the opening of new distribution channels in other countries such as Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.